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The Office

   Karydas & Partners is a litigation boutique with more than 45 years of experience in law practice before the Greek courts and especially before the Supreme Courts (Areios Pagos, Conseille d' Etat) in a wide range of practice areas. Special attention is given to Criminal law and White-collar/Business Crime cases, complex and transnational commercial litigation, resolution of administrative disputes, as well as alternative dispute resolution. We also provide legal support and advice in every legal matter, analyzing and presenting the risks, the problems and the best possible solution,  with the aim to prevent every future damage.

The main philosophy of the Office includes a personalized and manifold approach of every legal matter combined with a deep knowledge of the law. To ensure the quality of our legal services we work in close collaboration with Law Professors in Eu Universities, as well with other outstanding individuals and entities all over Greece.

Law Office

Mavrokordatou 7, Pst Code 106 78, Athens

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